Exciting Robotics Projects using ROS

Build a variety of awesome robots that can see, sense, move, and more using the powerful Robot Operating System.

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Topics Covered In The Book

Here are the few latest technologies that are discussed on this book


Self Driving Car

Create your own self driving car simulation using ROS and Gazebo.


Virtual Reality in ROS

Experience virtual reality in ROS and control robots using Leap Motion.


Deep learning

Deep learning using Tensor Flow and its interface to ROS.


Autonomous Mobile Robot

Create a low cost autonomous mobile robot from scratch and program using ROS.


3D Object recognition

Detect the object in 3D using Point cloud library and ROS.


Artifical Intelligence

Create a chatter bot like Siri and interface to ROS.


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Check out project demo video

Here is the demo video of self-driving car project included in the book

Reviews for the last two books from the same author

A good veneer of both hardware and software and a great 101 for dummies and enthusiasts of robotics community. Book is crafted to a good extent of detail while keeping it easy to read! .


Parshad Patel

Robotics Engineer at KnightScope, M.S in Robotics from C.M.U,

It is a complete well detailed and pratical guide to robotics for beginners. Very easy to follow and must have for ones starting with real robotics ..


Jit Ray Chowdhury

CEO/Founder of Auro Robotics, Robotics Researcher at C.M.U

This is one of the best books for learning robotics practically. The highlight of this book is that it deals with all the realms of robotics, mechanical CAD design, electronics circuit design, embedded firmware development, high level image and speech processing, autonomous navigation using AI techniques ,and much more. It also gives an intro to using ROS for a beginner. a MUST READ BOOK..


Achu Wilson

C.T.O of Sastra Robotics

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Topics and Pricing

Other books from the author

ROS Robotics Projects

$44/ Per Copy
  • Simulating self driving car
  • Deep learning using ROS
  • 3D object recognition using ROS
  • Virtual reality control using ROS
  • Autonomous robot using ROS
  • Artificial Intelligence on ROS
  • ROS on Android and MATLAB

Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming

$52/ Per Copy
  • ROS MoveIt!
  • ROS Navigation stack
  • ROS Industrial
  • 3D vision in ROS
  • ROS and I/O boards
  • 3D modeling and simulation in ROS

Learning Robotics using Python

$43/ Per Copy
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Mechanical design of robot
  • Simulating robot in Gazebo
  • Hardware design
  • Speech Recognition on ROS
  • Artificial Intelligence in ROS
  • Autonomous navigation using ROS

About Author


Lentin Joseph

Lentin Joseph is an author, entrepreneur, electronics engineer, robotics enthusiast, machine vision expert, embedded programmer, and the founder and CEO of Qbotics Labs from India..

He is the author of the books Learning Robotics Using Python and Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming by Packt. The first book was about building an autonomous mobile robot using ROS and OpenCV. This book was launched at ICRA 2015 and was featured in the ROS blog, Robohub, OpenCV, the Python website, and various other such forums. The second book is on mastering Robot Operating System, which was also launched at ICRA 2016, and is one of the bestselling books about ROS.

Lentin and his team were also winners of the HRATC 2016 challenge conducted as a part of ICRA 2016. He was also a finalist of HRATC 2015 as a part of ICRA 2015.


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